Passion And Confidence

Passion And Confidence

The Hair Spa & Extensions Academy, our students can see the passion we have for this job. We want to give our students more than just a license, but a passion for their career. We want you to walk out of here with the confidence that you have been prepared and are ready for your job. 

Getting a license is just the first step to starting your own career as a hair stylist. The second step is creating a professional resume and the last is getting a job at a local salon. At the Hair Spa & Extensions Academy, we will help guide you through all steps of starting your own career. 

When you go into a salon, you will have the confidence that you are going out with my name on your resume. The salons will know that you have the integrity and professionalism that they are looking for. I grew up in this area and my reputation is well known. I am quite serious about upholding the reputation that I have spent twenty years developing and look forward to teaching you to do the same.
Please fill out the form below if you are interested in becoming a student of the Hair Spa and Extensions Academy. New classes start every 4 weeks for day school and evening school.

To your success,

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Passion And Confidence

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Cosmetologist, Hair Design, and Barbering

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